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Ugggghhhhh the boiler man is here again, I need to sleeeeeeeep

My train isn’t until 1 but I might have to go to Costa early to drink coffee and attempt to wake up a bit

Today one of my regulars served me beer and a family pack of cheestrings

Sometimes in The Mindy Project there’s a bit with music and all the doctors are dressing down and then up in their scrubs and whatnot

I would like to do that at 4:30am with my barista uniform and film it and everyone can watch it

Wouldn’t that be good

So I did my split shift today and I am absolutely shattered

Putting that uniform back on at 5:30pm after working in it at 5:30am was horriiiible

I got beer and McDonald’s to make it better and State of Decay was on sale so I bought that

I’m going to drink myself to sleep tonight and then tomorrow I’m heading to London to see the gang for pub times!

The boiler is in a cupboard in my room and there’s a man here doing some work on it and I’m laying on my bed

I think I’m just going to start masturbating 

Do you think I could finish without him knowing

A massive happy 19th birthday to my friend Hayley who has just moved from Pennsylvania to Chicago for university 

I hope you are having fun up there!

"Can I get a dry cappuccino? Not too much foam"

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Tomorrow I have to open and then go back at like 6 to close >:(

Although I finish my first shift at 11 and have two days off after >:)

Advice for jobseekers: Do not hand in a cv or try and talk to the manager about vacancies at peak trading hours

Unless a salad with chicken and hard boiled egg!


Funny how you don’t really eat chickens and egg together

Eggs are more like breakfast (young early childlike) whereas chicken is more lunch/dinner (aged old adult)

Just a thought

mycoloradolife asked: And if you let my shots die I swear to god...

In what world would I want to use your shots?