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Stg if this cab is late again this morning I will throw up

Need a female

Anonymous asked: you are literally the cutest thing ūüíē

Be my girlfriend 

Today was really nice!

I picked Jemima up from the train station and then we got coffee before heading to get picnic supplies

Also we met Toothless!

We then went to the only place I like to be in Summer to consume crisps and wine

Then we headed to La Tasca to get tapas and drink sangria and then went to the pub for some wine before Jemima went home

There is no way prince george is a year old

I can feel myself getting sick :(

'Three-way Scrabble is about as boring as I‚Äôd imagine a m√©nage √† trois to be‚ÄĒthe clutter, the awkwardness, how hard it is to concentrate'

I fucking love Wikipedia 


im skyping clark and i mentioned that my brother’s in the isle of wight and now he’s been reading me boring facts about the isle of wight for what feels like days

The Northumbrian scholar, Bede, recorded the arrival of Christianity on the Isle of Wight in the year 686, when the population was massacred and replaced by Christians.

Pepperoni has a birthing day, Pepperoni has a birthing day

Did you know

'Cappuccino' comes from german/austrian 'kapuziner', and is the diminutive form of cappuccio in Italian, meaning 'hood' or something that covers the head, thus 'cappuccino' reads 'small capuchin'. 

The coffee beverage has its name¬†from the colour of the hooded robes worn by monks and nuns of the capuchin order (full name:¬†’The¬†Order of Capuchin Friars Minor’ which in Latin is ‘Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum’).

This colour is quite distinctive and ‘capuchin’ was a common description of the colour of red-brown in 17th-century Europe.¬†

By visual analogy, the Capuchin monkey and the cappuccino style of coffee are both named after the shade of brown used for the robes.

Today I met Megan after her trial shift, bought a stove top espresso maker (50% off because the handle on top was missing) then we got coffee and then Burger King

Still no feedback from her shift but should find out today!

Got this little cutie today! 50% off because it was damaged. Clark the hustler

Got this little cutie today! 50% off because it was damaged. Clark the hustler