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I hate St George’s Day because everyone gets that little bit more racist

"What drinks do you do?"

"Do we live to die?"


is bed now

Anyway, I’m getting roast chicken tonight and playing video games and downloading the latest GoT which I’ve heard is terrible

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m deserving of the barista maestro title

Recently when it’s gotten really busy I’ve just lost it and it makes me feel shitty and some days I find myself being really apathetic to what’s going on. Not with the making of the coffee but generally in the workplace

countvagula replied to your post “I hope I can remember how to make coffee after a week off”

Put a spoonful of granules in a cup and add water xoxo gossip girl

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First day back is really busy and lame

I hope I can remember how to make coffee after a week off

I forgot my coworker’s grandfather recently passed away and she was talking about her grandmother so I was like “Oh is she single?” and she was like “Sort of”

I had a shave so I’m rewarding myself with cake

I am a functioning member of society

Why do most of Jesus’ disciples have mainly English sounding names?

John, Mark, Paul, Matthew etc

The last straw