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I just ordered the shoes

Yes or no


Yes or no

Anonymous asked: Which of the following proteins is encoded by a gene that carries the mutation responsible for Liddle's disease? a) Nedd 4-2, b) Epsin, c) Ubiquitin, d) ENaC. I genuinely don't know the answer so can you please search it up for me.

The correct answer is fuck

Anonymous asked: What's the dirtiest sexual thing you've ever had done to you?

Pretty much just sex

heysarahsarah said she wants me to piss on her

Maybe you could send me questions seeing as I’m intoxicated¬†

Today I went out to dinner with my manager and a few other people and then went for a drink and then got a cab home so now I’m a bit drunk hiya

Today I got my colleague’s baby son to call me daddy

So that was fun

Sat in the store waiting for my team to close so we can go out for dinner

I am off tomorrow so I intend to be drunky

You know how if you meet up with your ex you should be able to brag about encounters since then?

I can’t do that

A pretty lady came in today and she left just as I was about to throw out the morning’s pastries so I offered her some for free and she said she would take one home for her boyfriend and I was like oh

Buy me loads of things from my wishlist basically

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Ferdy’s been laying by my bum

I’ve just been farting on her head for the last 10 minutes

She doesn’t seem to mind