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Am sneezy mcgee :(

Who wants to come and rent a flat with me

The boots I got for Snowdon are super comfy

I’m wearing them in around the house

I’m pretending my stairs are a mountain

Just fucking sticking my dick right in this humous 

I worked and it went quite quickly and then had a sit down with me and my manager and the new maestro which was fun and now here I am

I have tomorrow off and I have a cold

Today I went to buy Snowdon gear and then I was hanging out in Costa until my friend Fiona came round and we ordered pizza and watched The Lego Movie and played video games 

Tomorrow I am opening and I have a new barista maestro starting!

"Wait these questions are really good"

*scrolls faster*

I like going to work on my days off because I get free coffee and cake and the people here love me

Just went and bought most of the things I need for Snowdon

Costs mad £££ so I hope you’re all donating

Ignore isn’t the same as blocking, is it? I am working out how to block someone from seeing my posts on their dashboard 

Edit: It is the same

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A regular messaged me on facebook saying ‘hi xx your sexy’

My crush


It’s 22:15 shall I just pop to the shop and get some beer or no

I did it

And it’s a beer I’ve never had before

I had some of my dad’s when I was little

Little alcoholic